Wheels to Work (Nottinghamshire)

Partnership Application: The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham and RCAN

Project Outline

Funding from the Partnership has so far been used to enable three Bassetlaw residents to access employment, where they were otherwise prevented from doing so due to transport being a barrier. Two people have benefitted from provision of a bicycle and equipment, whilst a third has joined our moped loan scheme, and now has a moped on loan for six months. The moped loan includes the moped, tax and insurance, servicing and maintenance, training and protective equipment, and so they have everything they need to support them as they start their new job.

The funding received has been used to purchase bicycles and equipment, training, protective motorcycle equipment, servicing and maintenance, insurance and other running costs of the scheme.

Project Testimony

“There are lots of advantages of living in the countryside, but transportation is not one of them. Our son, Dylan, found an apprenticeship position in Worksop but we were struggling to find ways for him to travel to his place of work. There are no local buses, trains or coaches that would get him to work. He was about to regrettably turn down the position when we were told about Wheels to Work. Within a very short period of time they were able to assess Dylan’s suitability for the scheme, put him on a driving course, supply all the necessary clothing, helmet and last but not least a moped, within super quick time . Dylan was fortunate that the scheme last for six months. This was vital to Dylan as he was only able to learn to drive a car at the end of this period. Dylan has now thankfully passed his driving test and is into his second year of his apprenticeship. Without this scheme Dylan would never been able to access his job until he was older enough to learn to drive. Wheels to Work have allowed him to start his career when he needed to; we really appreciate the break Wheels to Work gave him.

The service we have received has been very efficient, friendly and professional. Thank you for letting Dylan join the scheme, it was a lifeline for our son.”