Nottinghamshire Police

The job of Nottinghamshire Police is to protect the public and keep Nottinghamshire a safe place for people to live and work in and visit.

Internationally famous for Sherwood Forest, home of the Robin Hood legend, the principle of serving and protecting our communities remains just as true as it did back then.

We are proud that crime across Nottinghamshire is currently at its lowest level since 1977. Nottinghamshire Police is also ranked in the top 10 forces nationally for overall customer satisfaction.

This success is largely due to our dedicated workforce of just under 4,000 officers and staff, who are supported by a growing army of hundreds of Special Constables, cadets and volunteers.

Over the course of a typical day in Nottinghamshire, we:

  • respond to 645 incidents
  • deal with 204 new crimes
  • make 76 arrests
  • solve 58 crimes
  • search for 13 people who had been reported missing
  • stop and search 15 people