Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council has a responsibility for public services such as Education, Social Care, Fostering, Public Transport, Highways, street lighting and Trading Standards among others.

As an authority it delivers 440 services to 796,200 people, has a budget of £1.2billion, employs around 18,000 people and is the 11th largest authority in England.

It is currently represented by 67 County Councillors and is under no overall control because no single party has 34 of the 67 seats (county councillors) required for an overall majority. The Labour Party is the largest party with 32 seats. All the other parties together have 35 seats.

The current leader of the Council is Cllr Alan Rhodes, who is also the Leader of the Labour Group, and the Chief Executive is Anthony May.

The next County elections will be held in 2017.